Sri Lanka Paradise-Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi)

On the 2nd of November around 8.30 am , I noted a female flycatcher sitting on a branch of a mango tree. My eyes first went on to its leather-brown like feathers because its appearance was like a thick leather coat for the bird.

I saw this bird for the first time and was happy to learn a bit more about it.

The ‘chestnut’ upper parts, short tail and the short crest made me identify it as a – female Sri Lankan Flycatcher.
Its chest was white colour.

The timing of the observation seemed to be right as i also learnt that it is a Winter Visitor.

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A beauty in red and black

Curoba sangarida

I was told by the little one that a ‘nice red butterfly’ was seen in the garden for many times in the evenings . However i missed it as I was not around. After several weeks, I was amazed to see this beautiful creature when my little one first spotted it. My kid was claiming it was this ‘butterfly’ mentioned recently. Actually there were couple of them this time. Surely, the previous ones had laid eggs somewhere nearby.

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Common TailorBird

A pair of tailorbirds were basking in the morning sunshine when I looked at the rear garden through the door pane. They seemed to be relaxed and fresh after a cool sleep. These tailorbirds are frequent visitors for us.

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Purple-rumped sunbirds

Sunbirds on a sunny day

Today morning i heard some voices of a familiar bird’s voice, but from very nearby. I quietly went to see through a front window. Yes ! They are sunbirds … the ones with a shiny purple coat and a shiny green head. A few of them have attracted to yellow flower tree at our front garden.

The tree was full with its new set of blooms appeared after the rain. Almost all the flower bunches hanged down from branches as they still seem to carry on the weight of rain drops from last night. Suddenly, I felt a coolness in my eyes, a feeling as fresh as after a wash. I thought those rain drops too gave the flowers some coolness giving a fresh start for the day.

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Oh little one, i met you once more ……

It was raining yesterday’s night. I was lucky to see a baby sized of the same moth species I noted few days back.

It happened to come-in through kitchen door just before the rain, may be carried in with the wind.

Though it was very little in size compared to the one noted earlier, it’s antenna and those ‘velvety fur’ around head was clearly visible. It didn’t have those few browny spots on the wing.